measured improvement

Homeworks, a local charitable organization worked on my neighbor's house today. I sent in a violation several months ago and the city cited her for not having her house painted. I expected her nephew who controls her money and is set to inherit the house (i think it may already be in his name) to pay to have it painted. He of course did not and let this organization of volunteers do it for him.

They thought they were painting it for an elderly old lady. I was painting it because it looked like crap (at the same time I am paying a guy to paint my own house). It's interesting how things fall out. Anyway, the yard is clean, the trees are trimmed, the trash is in a big pile out front, and the exterior wood has been painted. Hopefully it will hold up for a while.

I have also perfected my sleeveless shirt tan.

My room mate also moved out today which means it is just me in the house right now. I have to decide if I want to get to more tenants or just hand the house back over to the property management company again. I think that is probably what I am going to do. It will give me the chance to visit Europe, live in NC at the ecovillage and spend a month in NYC with Rob. By the time that is all over it will be time to return to work again. Hopefully the abundance of summer rentals doesn't keep me front renting the house out so easily I might have to manage it myself under individual leases until the fall. That shouldn't be that hard so long as I am in NYC and NC... We shall see....

Tonight I am going out with my friend Cory for his birthday. A group of us are headed to Prosperity, SC to have some 5 course dinner at a German resturant. Then we are all headed downtown for drinks. Should be a fun night.

Last night I went out to dinner with my brother. I'm glad he's there to sort of feel things out for me and give me some honest advice on life. Nieces and nephews are a nice perk too.

Note to self: Wild Wings causes some awful gas.