It's come a long way

When I moved back to Columbia, I had several distinct goals to accomplish. One of them was to "have a real back yard." I wanted edible fruit, a nice shaded area in the summer, seasonal color, and visual privacy. I haven't done all that I want to the area, but it's a much more enjoyable piece of land than it was before. I am curious what it will look like in 5 or 10 years once the trees I have planted mature a bit and the shrubbery fills out.

As you can see below, it was a pretty dry, scrubby piece of land. At this point I had already added the two trees you see along the side of the road and tried to add some mulch and landscaping bricks to tidy up the edges of the house. There was also a very big dead oak tree right in the middle of the yard I had to remove. The trampoline was covering the stump. I burned out the stump a year later and now it's pretty much smoothed over.

 I had also finished up most of the front yard as you can see if you follow google earth around front. It was even worse than the back yard. It was just a dry washed out pile of dirt underneath the big live oak. I'll post some updated pics of the front once the house is finished being painted.

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Trimmed up the trees along the property line, added the fence, mulched around the edges, and added some evergreens between me and the neighbors.

Repainted the deck, planted the evergreen shrubs and added a river birch to provide some summer shade for the back deck. There is also a japanese maple just around the corner that you can't see. 

Planted four fruit trees (pear, apple, plum, peach) and trimmed up the existing tree... also fertilized and over seeded the lawn with some fresh centipede