It was 3am, I was a little drunk, but I still wanted to so some grocery shopping at the 24 hour Kroger just up the street, but it would have to wait. I sat in the parking lot crying like a newborn. It wasn't one of those cries, that's  like a sneeze or a yawn + stretch where your body is trying to give you some momentary release. It was more. Like the difference in a refreshing summer shower and a thunderstorm. 

I couldn't make it stop. I didn't know what to do, so I called all of my friends on the west coast I thought would be awake and then the one's in SC I thought might be. My friend Heather picked up. It was good because I found her in a similar state in 5 points a few weeks ago. Anyway, the battery on my phone died so I decided it was time to dry my eyes.

I slept well. The bags under my eyes were gone. I even had that droopy brow thing I get on my left eye when my face is really relaxed, or after I have sex. I don't know what that means though. Maybe I blew my load.