A day of food, mostly

I finally had an excuse to clean my car so it's all nice and shiny now. My house will soon follow. The poor painter signed up for a lot more than he bargained for, and he's like me when it comes to working. He starts part of it, gets bored, moves on to something else. He had two guys working for him, but I think he's not going to be able to pay them anymore since they have worked several days each. I am pretty sure he won't make anything off of this job. I have a feeling he's working for free from here on out. I felt bad today, so I started helping him with the prep work.

We have been trying to patch up all of the little tiny holes in the masonry. It's annoying work, but it makes a big difference in how well maintained the house appears. That's what all of the speckles are from in the photo below. I was also going to paint the trim a darker color, but I decided to stay with white and just paint the two gables a darker shade of grey/green. It's called porpoise if that's any indication.

Anyway, I went strawberry picking yesterday with a few friends. That took up most of my afternoon. The weather was perfect and the owner was pretty fun to talk with too. A good ole 40 year old southern lady carrying on the legacy of her father. Apparently they are a family of farmers and her brother has farms as far away as Chile. They also have several other "pick your own" farms across the south east.

I also made it to Motor Supply Co. Bistro for the first time. I had  mashed sweet potatoes with sheepshead and some modfied hollandaise sauce. I also had some coconut curry shrimp with a peanut cole slaw. Last was creme brule which is probably the tastiest thing I have ever put in my mouth. It was the best meal I have had in a loooong time. They try to incorporate as many fresh local ingredients as they can into their dishes, and sure enough 3 included strawberries from the farm we had visited earlier in the day.