Workin' out

So, I decided to download the P90X workout series. I did the first two workouts, and it's surprisingly intense. I think it might actually make a difference. It's definitely working my muscles in a completely different way that traditional lifting.

Went and played poker tonight with the some people from the Young Jewish Professionals group. Finished in the middle, but it was good to be around a group of smart people again. My mind isn't nearly as busy as it was a while back. I feel like it's starting to atrophy.

My psych phd friend also told me she thinks I might have hypomania. Seems plausible. My psychiatrist friend thinks I have ADHD. They both seem reasonable descriptions of my personality. Hypomania seems to cover my bouts of creative obsession  or compulsiveness as well as notions of grandiosity. ADHD seems to cover most of the major problems I have in life: restlessness, inattentiveness, impulsiveness, disorganization, inability to follow through on tasks. I just did some reading about the effects of caffeine on individuals with ADHD which looks to be promising. I'll self medicate with this natural cure for a while and see what happens.