This is the only way I can say I am sorry

I am so careless. I was fired for lack of attention to detail. 

I defaulted to honesty, I didn't know what to say. 

I am stepping away so you can straighten out other relationships. They are more important. Face it with equanimity. It won't last forever - until August at the latest. Use the time to reflect. They only want the best for you.
I'll write more though, and read a book, about feline vision.... just to keep in touch. Speaking of such... Cat on a Hot Tin Roof might help you with both of your problems.

Interesting revelation about Shakespeare... maybe I am a prophet. 

I'll think of you when I think of coffee.... and fingernails. That's a real treasure.

This ain't forever, but if it is, at least it ended before we spoiled it.